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What we do

We can introduce you to lenders who provide bridging loans secured on your property with higher Loan to Value deals. In some cases we are able to find lenders who will lend up to 80% of your property’s value*. We act as intermediaries with unregulated lenders, which means they do not require proof of your income, credit history, personal guarantees or access to your accounts. The lender’s decision to offer a bridging loan is based purely on the value of your property. Borrowers who come to us include individuals, business owners and property professionals who need to take out short-term bridging loans quickly and easily. The lenders have no hidden charges and do not charge early repayment or exit fees.

* Subject to Valuation, Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Poor Credit History Won’t be an Issue

  • No Personal Guarantees Required

  • Loans from 3-24 months

  • No Exit Fees

  • Fast Valuations

  • Fast Offers

  • Flexible Terms

  • Fast Legals

  • Fast Completions!

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  • customer-service

    Customer Service

    At Top Tier Bridging Loans, we pride ourselves on our excellent levels of customer service. We move fast to ensure our lenders are looking at borrowers’ loan requirements immediately after valuation of the property over which the lender would obtain a charge, be it a first charge or second charge.

    What is a Bridging Loan and Why Do People Need It?

    Borrowers sometimes need a loan on a temporary basis while they are waiting for a larger amount of money from another source of finance. People generally take out bridging loans when they need fast, short-term access to finance.

    The Difference Between 1st and 2nd Legal Charge Loan

    A first legal charge is the security for the principal loan on a property. A second legal charge loan is security for a loan on a property that already has a mortgage or loan taken out on it. In these cases, the lender to whom we have introduced you may need to secure consent from your lender who has a first legal charge before approving a bridging loan, which may slow down the application process.


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